A thirty-minute gameplay walkthrough video from Dreamfall Chapters is now available on our official YouTube channel!

“Dreamfall Chapters is pre-alpha, due November, and on this evidence is shaping up well,” says Eurogamer about the video. “Characters are designed with strong personalities, and the environment is atmospheric and believable.”

“Beyond the joy of seeing old characters and old haunts,” adds PCGamerN, “the video is an encouraging glimpse into a game that, while only in alpha, is already looking rather excellent.”

PC Gamer chimes in with: “…this seems like a promising look at the game. For one thing, it’s a welcome change to see characters that expand on their dialogue options choices before you’ve made them.”

Taken from the second chapter of the game, the walkthrough covers Kian Alvane’s escape from Friar’s Keep, a high-security prison in Marcuria. It’s relatively light on spoilers, aside from the fact that Kian’s fate in Dreamfall is revealed — but we’re guessing most of you know what happened to our strong-and-silent, religiously fundamentalist apostle-assassin in the previous game.

We’re still very much at a pre-alpha stage with the game, and much of what you see is unfinished, particularly the character and facial animations,  lip-sync, some of the voice acting, and the end cinematic.

Here’s the video with a commentary track by design director Martin Bruusgaard and creative director Ragnar Tørnquist:

And here’s the video without the commentary track: