Hi folks, and welcome to Red Thread’s freshly baked new home on the internets!

What’s new? Oh, tons. Tons! First off, and most importantly, there’s a brand new and sparkly forum, properly integrated with the site, covering all (well, both) of our games. You’ll have to reregister, unfortunately, but on the positive side there should be a lot less spam, more moderation, and more developer interactions. Also, your forum account will work as your official Red Thread account in the future. More on that inthe future.

Dreamfall Chapters has a new, shiny and more informative site, which will expand as we get closer to release. There’s a completely separate page set up for pledges. Draugen has a proper home. If you’re looking for a career with Red Thread Games, there’s our jobs page. And this is just the beginning: there’s lots more to come!

You’ll still want to keep our Facebook pages bookmarked, along with our official Twitter account, for the latest news & exclusives — though for those of you fundamentally opposed to social media (no worries, we get it) everything will be reposted right here. Somewhere.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for following us! We’ll see you soon!