Our protagonist Zoë Castillo has evolved from how she looked in the original Dreamfall to the character you meet in the game today. Sixteen months on from the Kickstarter-reveal of the ‘new Zoë’, we’re ready to pull the curtain on her final appearance in Dreamfall Chapters.

She’s still the girl-next-door we all know and love — albeit a bit shellshocked and traumatised from her experiences in the previous game — but the world around her has changed a fair bit.

After the opening chapter, set in the Storytime dreamscape, we rejoin Zoë in Europolis: the cyberpunk mega-city that covers most of the European mainland from Amsterdam in the west to Warsaw in the east, from the Baltic sea to the Alps.

Zoë has a brand new life in Propast — a bohemian neighbourhood in old Prague — along with new friends, a new career, new threads and new hair.


There are two possible career paths in the game, shaped by a choice made early on. Depending on which path she’s chosen, Zoë will start out wearing one of these two outfits.


Zoë won’t be wearing the same clothes through the entire game, of course. Subsequent chapters will see her dress both up and down, and we might even see the return of a certain classic outfit from the previous game in the saga.

Our artists are still working on ideas for Zoë’s haircuts. Here are some of the ideas that may show up during the game:


Production has begun on the final Zoë models, and we hope to reveal those in mid-August.