Sony announced last Tuesday in their Gamescom Media Preview that Dreamfall Chapters will be coming “first to PlayStation 4” — this applies to consoles only, of course, and not desktop platforms: the Windows, Mac and Linux versions remain unaffected, with the first episode coming out this autumn.

No date has been announced for the PlayStation 4 version, but the game will get an episodic digital release via the PlayStation Network. Any changes, upgrades and improvements made for console will of course be brought to the other versions as well.

We’re really excited about bringing the game to a new platform and a whole new group of players, and you can read more about what we’re doing in Ragnar Tørnquist’s blog post on the official PlayStation blog, right here:

Dreamfall Chapters Coming Soon to PS4

The PlayStation 4 release is a timed exclusive, which means that the game may come to other consoles down the line. But for now the PlayStation 4 is the only console version in development, along with the existing Windows, Mac and Linux versions.

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