Starting Wednesday August 19th, we’re going to begin posting (semi-)regular Dreamfall development updates in our shiny (well) new (eh) dev blog (yay!) — featuring much more in-depth information about what we’re working on and how the game is progressing than you’re used to. That’s right: prepare to be spoiled.

Next week’s inaugural (sort of) post will be all about Book Three (remember that one?), about how we collate and use the feedback from players and press to improve our next episode, about what we did right (some) and wrong (lots) on Realms, and how we plan to improve our processes in the future.

We’re excited. Are you excited? We’re very excited. GOOSEBUMPS.

(Also, as soon as we’re ready to do so, we’ll start blogging about Draugen. Not yet, though. But soon.)