Red Thread Games is an independent Norwegian game developer based in Oslo.

The studio is currently working on Dreamfall Chapters, the Kickstarter-funded sequel to The Longest Journey and Dreamfall; and Draugen, a first-person survival horror adventure set amongst the fjords and mountains of 1920s Norway.

Red Thread makes story-driven games for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and iOS.


Red Thread Games was founded in October 2012 by Ragnar Tørnquist — creator of The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, The Secret World, and co-creator of the Anarchy Online universe — in order to develop Dreamfall Chapters, the long-awaited sequel to The Longest Journey and Dreamfall.

In January 2013, pre-production began on Dreamfall Chapters and several other founders joined the company: Martin Bruusgaard, Dag Scheve, Rakel Johnsen, Audun Tørnquist and Quintin Pan — most of whom had previously worked together on games such as The Longest Journey, Anarchy Online, Age of Conan, Dreamfall and The Secret World.

In January, Red Thread Games also partnered with Blink Studios to work on Dreamfall Chapters. Blink consists of many former artists from The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, including technical director Kjetil Hjeldnes, art director Christer Sveen, animation director Eigil Halse and 3D modeller Siggy Galåen.

In February 2013, Red Thread launched their Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter, which went on to raise over $1,5 million, becoming the 10th biggest game Kickstarter of all time. Dreamfall Chapters is currently scheduled for release in November 2014.

In October 2013, Red Thread announced their second game, Draugen; a moody and story-driven first-person survival horror adventure set in 1920s Norway.


Dreamfall Chapters


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Selected coverage of Dreamfall Chapters

“Dreamfall Chapters is pre-alpha, due November, and on this evidence is shaping up well. Characters are designed with strong personalities, and the environment is atmospheric and believable.”
—Robert Purchese, Eurogamer

“Sharp, witty dialogue, superb voice acting, dialogue puzzles – oh my. It’s shaping up rather nicely indeed. There’s more than a hint of Telltale’s impact on the world of the adventure game represented, with important decisions to be made with weighty impacts, and I’ve long expressed my love for the more organic, people-puzzles which have become so popular, where players aren’t just solving inventory conundrums, but are also trying to get into the minds of characters and solve them, as well as more tangible head-scratchers.”

“Tonally, the humour is there, even though the scene is unpleasant and harsh, and the dialogue froths with filth. If there are any nuns in the room, block their ears before pressing play and harrumph loudly whenever somebody refers to ‘unclean genitals’ or posteriors.”
—Adam Smith,

“The puzzles are promising, too. These are only early examples, but stuffing a pillow on the end of a broom and shoving it out the window to soak up arrows from soldiers below, then using the arrow to pick a lock, is already better than most games manage.”
—Robert Purchese, Eurogamer

The Kickstarter campaign

“With six days left to accept funding, the Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter has already collected over $1,100,000. The first trailer for the game shows that even at this early stage, the project is coming along nicely. Comparable Kickstarter games are still typically showing off concept art at this point, but Red Thread Games already has 3D models walking around staring wistfully into the sky.”

“Dreamfall Chapters gets a richer world and full trailer treatment”

Taking the Longest Journey Home (…) If the Dreamfall Chapters crowdfunding campaign is a runaway success, April Ryan will once again take center stage in The Longest Journey Home.”​

“It’s been a long wait for a sequel after Dreamfall’s cliffhanger ending back in 2006. Series creator Ragnar Tørnquist and Red Thread Games have successfully Kickstarted their follow up. “​

“…the overwhelming response to Dreamfall Chapters on Kickstarter has offered definitive proof that TLJ remains of the most popular adventure game franchises of all time.​”

A full trailer for Dreamfall Chapters, Red Thread Games’ Kickstarter sequel to the PC series, offers a look at the game’s story, protagonist Zoe and twin worlds of Stark and Arcadia.”

The adventure continues. Learn more about Dreamfall Chapters and the twin worlds of Stark and Arcadia in this overview trailer.”

“The first full trailer for Dreamfall Chapters reveals several brand new locations and scenes.”

​”Ragnar Tørnquist founded Red Thread Games with one immediate goal in mind: to finish the story he has been telling for a great part of his adult life. As this interview is published, the Kickstarter for Dreamfall Chapters went live a couple of minutes ago.”
​Journey’s End Part 1 & Part 2
​-Rock Paper Shotgun

Stark Contrasts: Dreamfall Chapters’ Cyberpunk City
​”If you’ve never played The Longest Journey or Dreamfall, you could be forgiven for thinking that Dreamfall Chapters is set in a world of rolling hills, sunbeams and magic.​”
​-Rock Paper Shotgun

“Adventure game Dreamfall Chapters’s Kickstarter campaign is still going strong. Earlier today, crowd-funding for the Longest Journey and Dreamfall sequel passed the $1 million mark.”​

“Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey’s Kickstarter fundraising drive has accumulated more than $1 million of crowd-sourced capital, with 15 days still left to go before the campaign comes to an end.”

“Red Thread Games say that the cyberpunk-esque Europolis is “not just the dark heart of Europe; it is the filthy bowels and bloodied entrails of Europe.”

“In-game footage run in the Dreamfall Chapters prototype shows off the dark, Blade Runner-like landscape set in the year 2220.”

“Red Thread Games and Blink Studios have released some new in-game footage of the upcoming PC and Mac adventure game Dreamfall Chapter”

“This is the First Gameplay Footage of the new Dreamfal”

“Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey hit and ricocheted off its funding goal of $850,000 on Kickstarter with three weeks remaining, which can only mean one thing: It’s stretch goal time.”

“Dreamfall Chapters stretch goals include Mac, Linux and mobile ports, possibly Ouya and Steam Box”

It’s a top-notch pitch. Ragnar Tornquist – boss of new developer Red Thread Games and the creator of The Longest Journey games – spent four months perfecting it. There’s footage of the prototype Dreamfall Chapters game and clearly communicated plans about the project and the road ahead.”

Fans of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall will once again return to Arcadia, should Red Thread Games’ Kickstarter campaign prove successful.”

“Red Thread Games, a new studio founded by The Longest Journey and Dreamfall creator Ragnar Tørnquist, intends to launch a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the next game in the celebrated adventure series, Dreamfall Chapters.”
Edge Online

“Dreamfall Chapters will turn to Kickstarter for funding”

“Dreamfall Chapters Dev Turning to Kickstarter”
The Escapist

“Dreamfall Chapters is the long-awaited return of a classic adventure game series, so you’ve probably already guessed that it’ll be funded by Kickstarter.”

“Dreamfall Chapters will be crowdfunded; “We will be going to Kickstarter,” says Tørnquist”

“Crowdfunding can be a risky business (…) but it wouldn’t be surprising if Red Thread’s transparency policy and the promise of a followup to one of adventure gaming’s classic franchises produced more successful results.”

We’re thrilled to see Dreamfall return and wish Tørnquist luck with the pre-production and the Kickstarter.”

“Dreamfall Chapters, the follow-up to Funcom-developed adventure game Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, will use crowdfunding website Kickstarter to help in its development”

The Dreamfall Chapters announcement

“Ragnar Tørnquist announced today that his new company, Red Thread Games, will be developing and publishing Dreamfall Chapters, finally continuing the story that began with The Longest Journey.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“If this news doesn’t excite you, check your pulse and allow me to explain.”

“Dreamfall Chapters Is Real. Actually Happening. Ragnar Tørnquist is ON IT.”

“A beloved adventure game series finally enters production.”

“The Longest Journey creator Ragnar Tornquist is making a new Longest Journey game called Dreamfall Chapters.”

“Dreamfall Chapters begins right where Dreamfall: The Longest Journey ended, continuing the epic saga of the twin worlds of science and magic in a brand new format.”

“‘Dreamfall Chapters’ announced to continue ‘The Longest Journey'”
Digital Spy

“…production is officially underway on Dreamfall: Chapters, with new studio Red Thread Games handling the heavy lifting.”

“Marvellous news for fans of Ragnar Tørnquist’s Longest Journey series: there will be more of it!”
PC Gamer

“”If you’re a fan of Funcom’s stellar point-and-click adventure series The Longest Journey (*pulling up my shirtsleeve to reveal my April Ryan tattoo*), you’ve probably given up hope by now that the cliffhanger ending to 2006’s Dreamfall will ever be resolved.”

“Dreamfall Chapters, the sequel to The Longest Journey, is happening”

“In September Funcom announced that Joel Bylos was taking over Ragnar Tørnquist’s position of game director for The Secret World, leaving many of us wondering what the mastermind behind the renowned The Longest Journey series was getting up to. Well, now we finally know, and fans of TLJ will certainly be pleased to discover that Tørnquist is returning to his roots.”

“The long-hoped-for Chapters is being developed by series creator Ragnar Tørnquist at new studio Red Thread Games.”

“Fans of Ragnar Tornquist’s outstanding computer games, The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, are rejoicing over the announcement that a long awaited sequel is finally becoming reality.”

“As proof again that no sequel is impossible, no matter how unlikely it may seem, Funcom has announced plans for a follow-up to cult hit Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.”

“The 1999 point-and-click adventure game The Longest Journey and its 2006 follow-up Dreamfall are getting another chapter in their story. And rightly so, I might add, as Dreamfall ended with a “nail-biting cliffhanger”.”

“Dreamfall creator goes independent, licenses his old games back”

“Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Is Getting A Sequel At Long Last”

“Cliffhangers are an essential tool for holding an audience’s interest, but when they come at the end of a game with no answer to follow, they’re devices of evil. That’s what happened with Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, an adventure game that released in early 2006 for PC and Xbox.”

“Tørnquist has said he will turn to crowd funding with the game eventually as well, and given the beloved reputation these games enjoy, it seems highly likely that another Kickstarter success story might be on our hands.”

“I have to say “Thank you” on this one. The first game was so elegant and beautiful and the second wasn’t bad other than the fighting engine, but the ending we were left with was a big FU to players who invested a lot of time and love into the series. Glad to see this is picking back up after too many years away. April Ryan lives!”

“For fans and new comers to the series alike this is brilliant news, with the project in pre-production and being independently funded it is being speculated that it could be seen on Kickstarter in the coming months. Either way, stay tuned for news!”
Unleash The Fanboy

“Be patient, Longest Journey fans, the wait is nearing its end.”

“This relatively new development studio was founded by Ragnar Tørnquist, the creator of The Longest Journey, so if any studio is capable of making a new entry, it’s Red Thread.”

“For many, the first thought that came to mind every time Ragnar Tørnquist talked about his work on The Secret World was ‘where the hell is my sequel to Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, Ragnar? Ragnar. Where is it? Ragnar. Ragnar.'”
The Escapist

“Thirteen years after The Longest Journey launched and six since its sequel Dreamfall, creator Ragnar Tørnquist is returning to the sci-fi-y fantasy-y adventure series.”

“…with Dreamfall Chapters now back firmly on the radar, we’ll be keeping a close eye on its development in the coming months.”

“Dreamfall and it’s predecessor, The Longest Journey, aren’t just two of the most revered adventure games of all time. They were the games that put Funcom on the map, allowing it to self-publish and ultimately go into bigger and better things.”

“Dreamfall Chapters, the long-awaited sequel for Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, has finally gone into pre-production.”

“Gamers everywhere will be looking forward to this.”
The Bit Bag

“Red Thread Redemption: The Longest Journey saga to continue with Dreamfall Chapters”

“Ragnar Törnquist will continue to give us original, story-driven games like no-one else.”
MCV Nordic

“Dreamfall Chapters announced with new studio, same designer”

“Fans of acclaimed adventure titles The Longest Journey and Dreamfall will be pleased to know that series creator Ragnar Tornquist will be returning to his adventure game-creating roots.”
All the Game Sites

“Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Finally Getting a Sequel”

“Fans of The Longest Journey series have been calling for a sequel for years to the second game in the series, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, and they’re finally getting that long overdue follow-up.”
Ten Ton Hammer

“As long as the game maintains the high level of storytelling prowess displayed in the series to date, then any innovations to gameplay will simply be the icing on the cake.”

“Fans of Ragnar Tørnquist’s Longest Journey rejoice.”

“Finally! A New Longest Journey Game by Ragnar Tornquist!”

“Red Thread Games founded to work on a Dreamfall sequel. New studio to focus on story-driven games for PC and mobile as well as Dreamfall series”

“You (and I) can now be thrilled to learn that Ragnar Tornquist has decided to start pre-production on Dreamfall Chapters.”

More coverage of Dreamfall Chapters

“Dreamfall Chapters first details revealed, will feature three playable characters”
Polygon interview with Ragnar Tørnquist

“Dreamfall Chapters will be a meaty, offline, single-player PC and Mac adventure game. It won’t be point-and-click but a full 3D third-person affair. There won’t, however, be any combat.”
Eurogamer interview with Ragnar Tørnquist

“Ragnar Tørnquist outlines how Red Thread Studios’ adventure sequel will work.”

“This week Tørnquist spoke with Polygon to reveal some of the first details for the game and revealed that there will be three playable characters with intertwining stories, two of which have yet to be revealed.”
Ten Ton Hammer

“Could we see a resurgence of traditional adventure games? I sure hope so!”

“One of the most underrated games of last generation was Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. The game was basically released and went unnoticed for the general public, but those who did play Dreamfall say it was one of the better games of last generation.”

“Many fans of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall: The Longest Journey rejoiced when Ragnar Tornquist announced the third game in the series Dreamfall Chapters. And now, we’re getting a few new details in about the upcoming game, which will be funded via Kickstarter.”

“Fans of The Longest Journey were in for a pleasant surprise when Dreamfall Chapters, the sequel to the last Longest Journey title, was announced earlier this year.”

Even more coverage of Dreamfall Chapters

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